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Thread: The universe as both a particle and a wave

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    Default The universe as both a particle and a wave

    Please reply and tell me whether you understand what I'm trying to say Below in post# 3 and where I might be right or wrong.
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    Default Re: The universe as both a particle and a wave

    Quote Originally Posted by David Hawkins View Post
    If we think about the universe as both a particle and a wave, then we could say that: energy=matter=1. Then if we set Dark energy to C^2, we could have a situation where: 1 energy is divided into particles, so if we were to divide by pi, we would get .318. That would be .318 times 3, the .14159 in pi we will leave out for the moment. So 1 of the portions will become dark energy^3. .683^3=.318, another would be matter=.318 and another Dark matter=.318. Now remember we set DE to C^2, So as far as energies are concerned, matter would get the +2/3 charge equal to c^4 and would represent acceleration over time. The -1/3 charge would be c^2, this we divide in two, giving the speed of light to Dark matter which would represent space and the speed of light to gravity which would be the .14159 that we left out of pi=the square root of the electro magnetic force. All the energies=c^6 which =7.2, the electro-magnetic force.

    Please reply and tell me whether you understand what I'm trying to say here, and where I might be right or wrong.
    I'm not too knowledgeable about modern physics, but do any of these numbers have units?

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    Default Re: The universe as both a particle and a wave

    do any of these numbers have units?
    No , These are percentages of our universe, But they collectively add up to the Single Unit from which they came . . as I understand it, the early universe was a plasmatic soup of energy right after the big bang, and starting there I'm offering a simpler explanation of how the universe became the "wave-energy- particle" Universe we see today- which according to Wikipedia: Dark Energy = .683 Dark Matter = .268 and Normal Matter = .049
    This becomes much easier to realize by simply setting "Dark Energy" as being equal to the speed of light
    Set .683 = c.
    Starting from a single Unit of plasmatic energy, propagating toward a particle universe, an electro magnetic universe amounting
    to c^6, equal to 7.2 (the strength of the electromagnetic force) on a larger scale of the universe.

    By Quantizing by Pi, little packets of energy can slow to behave like a wave form of energy, by allowing for the absorption of its energies along the geodesic of the quantum energy packet, and replacing it with spin. 1 divided by 3.14159 = .318.
    So our Universe of Energy gets divided into 3 equal energies of .318.
    The extra .14159 of energy, equal to the square root of 2 is used to bind gravity and the weak and strong nuclear force within the Electro-magnetic universe.

    The first .318 of our universe (still in its energy state) breaks down in a +2/3, -1/3 relation, which we see(or rather don't see) as dark energies, the energy properties of a particle: Spin and Vector +2/3, and -1/3 momentum.
    The momentum has to do with packets of energies bonding together and therefore losing energy and their relative speed
    decreases as it condenses out of this plasmatic soup of energy. (Remember: the +2/3 and the -1/3 are actually the dark energies,
    and they are set to the speed of light.)
    Spin and Vector =c^2 and -c (representing the speed from which they came to separate from - out of the electro-magnetic universe which is c^6 =7.2) and when slowed enough that we can interact with or observe this we liken it to have mass.

    Which is the next .318 percentage of our universe: the formation of matter: normal matter =.049 add that to the .268 for Dark Matter and together they account for 31.8% of the universe.

    The third portion of energy(.318) will also break into three dark energies, the constituents that make up Dark Matter,..
    Space and Time. Space-time gets -2/3 charge(essentially I'm saying that Dark Matter gets the -2/3 charge which, again,
    .683^3=.318 =c^3).
    So, Dark matter gets the -c^2 which slows Dark matter much more and is the reason why its condensed more than normal matter and so is more massive. This time the 1/3 portion is positive and represents Dark Energy which represents the acceleration of normal matter to the speed of light, within the electro-magnetic Universe.

    So by "pitting" these "six" Dark Energies against one another and using the laws of attraction and repulsion it is possible to create mass by trapping energy in matter, via the Strong force, then trapping matter within energy, via the Electro-magnetic force, where "like" charges can create opposing vectors and the* Electro-Magnetic-Universe controls the curvature of space-time to be the ultimate conservator of energy.

    The six Dark Energies = the force of Electro-Magnetism, but on a much larger scale of 10^32 (Keep in mind at the beginning we set Dark Energy to the speed of light), . . this aside, we are still dealing in percentages.

    So now we have a situation where the quantum matter in the universe gets a - 1/3 infusion of Dark Energy and is trying to reconcile with the - 2/3 charge of Dark Matter(Space-Time), the other dark energy properties, Spin, Vector, and Acceleration
    and Space, Time and Momentum, levitate energies within the electro-magnetic Universe: to give them mass.

    Levitating energy inside of matter allowing for particle interactions, levitating particles within space, levitating matter
    within galaxies and levitating galaxies within the universe.

    I 'd like to point out that if any of this is at all possible, then within this scenario, then anti-matter would still be the best
    explanation for the make-up of Space-Time (which in its condensed form may be dark matter).
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