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Thread: News claims: Smelling farts fights cancer... Nope.

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    Default News claims: Smelling farts fights cancer... Nope.

    So, Seagypsy (Attiticus Finch on here) got notified of News yesterday on her phone... "Smelling farts can fight cancer and may be good for the people around you."
    This is one of those cases where, bluntly put, boneheaded reporting meets "spin."
    Spin refers to anytime a writer influences the sound of a report in order to get the desired interpretation in the readers, regardless of the facts. The spin in this one may be tongue and cheek. But nonetheless, I think the writer failed to understand the report.
    Here is the paper written by the leader of the study:
    The synthesis and functional evaluation of a mitochondria-targeted hydrogen sulfide donor, (10-oxo-10-(4-(3-thioxo-3H-1,2-dithiol-5-yl)phenoxy)decyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide (AP39) - MedChemComm (RSC Publishing)
    Mathew Whiteman showed that injecting Hydrogen Sulfide (A signaling chemical used by cells but also found in farts as the odiferous compound) helped Mitochondria to function in cases where the mitochondrian may have suffered damaged DNA.
    In short... sniffing Barking Spiders cannot help a person prevent cancer in any way at all.
    Hydrogen Sulfide needs to be injected directly into the cells.

    So, Astrotech, 7777777 and John Gabriel, if you have been trying to be helpful in preventing cancer by posting in the manner that you have - Perhaps you need to rethink your strategy.
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    Default Re: News claims: Smelling farts fights cancer... Nope.

    lol that's so crazy.


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