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Standards of Education..

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by , 07-11-2011 at 01:37 AM (3614 Views)
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Appalling, woefulness ... regardless... Shock and horror .. remember to breath...

This is NOT a indication of intelligence... after all those whom put themselves forward for beauty pageants are at best.. odd. but nice to look at... but do not listen..

From a recent news release.. ' Miss USA pageant question to top ten;
" Should evolution be taught in schools ?" ... and only ONE of the ten said yes.
Nine of ten said NO.. Teaching of creation is right as we are the product of Gods creation... remember to breath... ' Oh my god..' I am heard to say and I am a atheist.

How has education gotten so out of touch. I am despite the fun of it.. appalled.

The hight of human intelligence has fallen some.. We should be concerned.

And then I heard the Shuttle are grounded and did we go to the moon.. The shuttle needs a runway and the moon does not have one.. OH my ..oh my.. oh hell.. HELP.

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  1. astrotech's Avatar
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    Well. Knowledge is power and power corrupts. So how do those poor people who can't grasp knowledge defend themselves against the abuses of those who can atain power through knowledge? They atain power through numbers and a different kind of organization. For a time their power holds supremacy and the inteligent are on the defensive. Sometimes the intelligent reign supreme until that's corrected too. Back and forth goes the swing of power.
  2. profmesmus1's Avatar
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    Sadly, there have been but rare times in the history of humanity when knowledge has been generally diffused. I do not believe that knowledge is power in and of itself. Scientific Knowledge is a path by which power might be acquired on the way. Technology is power. Technology is Scientific Knowledge applied. Technology requires energy and raw materials. If your lacking in either or both, then all you can do is engage in idle speculation.
  3. john_gabriel's Avatar
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    Well, I don't think the theory of evolution is sound at all. But on the other hand, I don't accept the bible or any religion also.

    Neither evolution nor religion should be taught at school. Neither are sound and neither are true knowledge.