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by , 10-16-2010 at 10:45 PM (2637 Views)
Here's something I've thought about many times. Life started as single-celled organisms, right? Then, the cells learned to work together and thus multi-celled organisms were created. But, each cell is it's own life form. So, wouldn't that make us (and all multi-celled organisms) not an individual but a group of many (in our case billions of) individual, single-celled life forms? All working together like ants or bees.

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  1. roncj5's Avatar
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    i totally agree.i see us as kinda like a walking reef.i think that this single cell life form ,not the chemical make up but the structure,is the link between all life.they say life was deposited here from space.that means that somewhere out there,there is a envorenment that can atleast start life that was struck by something ejecting this basic form into space which then came here and who knows where else.and the same goes with earth.when life was evolving and we were being struck by debris from space,we were ejecting the in a sense we also helped to seed the universe and these single life forms evolve and adapt to each unique enviroment.anyway,burn on.
  2. Steve's Avatar
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    The only problem with this view is that it really doesn't work and neglects self-awareness. It focuses only on mechnical but not on the wholeness of the organism - a common, shared flaw of naturalistic views of origins.
    I don't like the outer space "seeding" type theories. Why would anyone want to do this in the first place?
  3. Robert Nicholson's Avatar
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    That's not really the only problem, Steve. Our cells cannot survive independent of the whole organism without support from external sources. Our individual cells require interaction with the others or they die, as with the sloughing of the epidermis. Your old skin and hair don't fall off and continue operating on their own. It's a pleasant whimsy, not a workable hypothesis.
  4. Iamstardust's Avatar
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    I just wish I had some stinging cells, with which to defend myself ,as I'm tread on by those who don't care about running over the little guy,to get where they want to be...