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Infinite Loop Theory and the Boys in the Band

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by , 05-31-2010 at 11:30 AM (8302 Views)
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I am incorporating infinite loop theory into a story about a group of talented teens who go out on tour. One of the boys has captured a 'string' and has no idea of it's potential -- of course that's because I have no idea of its potential! Sound and music seem logical, but what about electromagnetic waves, static, magnification?

Any ideas? What can the string do for him, for the band, for his love life?

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  1. Skindawg123's Avatar
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    It sounds like another Pick of Destiny type movie except it has scientific background and sounds much more interesting, while the Pick of Destiny was just a known band musical movie this book, or story could be more meaningful, I really like the concept.
    The string should give him a visions of sorts while he plays it, and almost makes him glow from its radiance, it shud bring the band to fame but then maybe its power isnt something that mere humans shud be able to weild so hap-hazardly and that's the conflict it begins distorting reality and he doesn't know what's real and whats not. Everything bends around the string and the real begins to tear around the unsuspecting guitarist. Just an idea.
  2. Gunsandrocks's Avatar
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    You could bring in giant deposits of iron ore for the magnetism. It may be taboo for you, but hallucinogenics would probably make it cool especially since they're in a band and young. you probably wouldn't want it to be as cheesy as pick of destiny. Deserts are fun and interesting places to find things. Maybe it brings him luck and then does some Donnie Darko stuff and he can see the slow vibrations of the strings that make us all up or something. These are just some ideas for you. Hope it helps!
  3. Drewster58's Avatar
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    Did he capture the String by something in his music setup? Maybe the resonance from feedback, a feedback loop, created the ability to capture the string. When he plays, maybe it provides otherwordly guitar effects?