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Tom Matlack

expanding, accelerating, all relative

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by , 11-21-2010 at 11:47 PM (3552 Views)
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Could it be? As our universe expands and becomes less dense. Gravity has less effect on the relative passage of time. . . . Im try'n to wrap my head around this. if a ship is sailing away from shore at a constant speed but time on shore is passing slower and slower relative to time within the space between ship and shore. The ship would appear, as viewed from shore, to be accelerating from shore.
This thought occurred to me years ago. Would SOMEONE please tell me why Im wrong about this. Cause there's noway a painter from New Jersey solved this riddle.
It is my understanding that the galaxies is for the most part stable and not flying apart themselves. The gravity within them could be considered a constant for the purpose of this discussion. Galaxies are flying away from each other so the gravity between them is fleeting. Just want to make it clear. In my analogy the shore is our galaxy. The ship is other galaxy or galaxies and the sea is space.
I welcome all responses.
thank you,
expantion? I mean expanding!

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