I am not anyone expert in computer programming.

But I understand if correctly that software experts are people who write programs which the computer carries out the task of doing things for man, which man finds to be too complicated as to require insurmountable amount of labor and time to complete if ever at all.

Now, my concern has always been how humans can talk logic or they insist in talking illogic, i.e. contrary to logic.

This is peculiarly and obviously very noticeable with atheists, but they deny it and insist instead that it is their counter-thinkers who are not into logic.

Take this behavior from atheists, they insist that there is no God, but they also insist that they don't have to prove God does not exist; still they will not pay attention to the proof presented to them by their counter-thinkers.

Now, if computer programmers have the same enthusiasm I have, perhaps I can invite them to write a computer program by which the computer can and will come up with which party, the atheist or the atheist counter-thinker is talking logic.

What do you guys here who are experts in writing computer programs say?