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Thread: Newton's Derivative and STR/QM

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    Default Newton's Derivative and STR/QM

    I just knocked up a quick document showing the relation of the classical definition of the derivative and the limits imposed by Special Theory of Relativity (the "time dilation"/ action creation diagram).

    (The actual definition of Newton's using "fluxions" applies to our everyday macro world, and this analysis shows the relevance of Bohr's Correspondence Principle - the morphing to continuity from discrete action in the limit h -> 0)

    Relativistic Limits (updated)

    (Note; x' doesn't have to actually go to infinity; just enough so that a (i.e. "h") is insignificant when x' is compared to x. This corresponds to an ultraviolet cutoff...

    I will be adding to an revising this document occasionally, so this is just a start..
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