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    Hello, I have been studing the concept of time and space for over 10 years now. It is more of an obsession. I am here in order to get more points of view and to further extend my own point of veiw.

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    welcome to the board. Hope you find it useful!

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    Well Alen your time is much in your study. 10 years is too much to know about something and i think you did a lot but still you struck in your question. I also even don't know much about it but something that i know i will be share with you.
    Time and Space is consists of length, width, depth, time. Well Einstein was the One who was introduced the gravity as well as time and space. gravity can bend time. A four-dimensional fabric called space-time.When anything that has mass sits on that piece of fabric, it causes a dimple or a bending of space-time.
    Time and Space also held on our entire life. In the beginning there were nothing but the thing or the energy had present its time and space and gravity. These three thing are matter on everything, In past, in presence and also in future.
    When there is nothing there is space. Space make time and time make energy and energy make gravity. When time make energy energy make a light and that light become a big it blast and then the whole universe Exist. All are Exist with time and space.


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