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    I'm a high school student with an interest in physics and math. I learn fast (I like to think so, anyway) but I still don't have any formal education in either. I don't plan on posting often, unless I can contribute to the discussion in some way. (I tend to lurk) Again, I have no formal education in physics or math, so take anything I post with a grain of salt, and expect me to ask a lot of annoying questions.
    Nice to meet you guys.

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    Icarus, welcome. This is not a wildly active posting board (I've seen so many that you cannot possibly keep up with all that is said, posted or goes on during a day) so lurking is easy but posting often is easy, too. A post won't quickly get flooded off the page twenty minutes after you posted it.
    Maybe someday...
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    "When photons interact with electrons, they are interacting with the charge around a "bare" mass, and thus the interaction is electromagnetic, hence light. This light slows the photon down." - BuleriaChk


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