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Thread: Golden Ratio Award 2016 Voting

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    Default Golden Ratio Award 2016 Voting

    I believe the thread for nominees has run its course now so I am going to present the nominees for this year!

    First we have........

    John Gabriel
    He is nominated for continuously claiming there is no valid definition of real numbers, and in his attempt to show it misrepresents the general definitions and thereby engaging in the logical fallacy of doing strawmen.

    His claim to fame here is his supposed Z, the largest integer! Does it really need to be said anymore on how much crankery it takes to claim that?

    This fellow is nominated for claiming there is a short proof of fermats last theorem based around the binomial theorem.

    Vote for your pick!

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    Default Re: Golden Ratio Award 2016 Voting

    I suggest removing this thread to dustbin.otherwise I see it as an hostile act by this aggressive and provocative troll.

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