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Thread: John_Gabriel vs. BuleriaChK

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    Default Re: Psychopath Chuck Keyser

    Unbelievably stupid people are the bane of my existence.

    I've had nothing but feces blown my way most of my physical journey. For some unknown reason, I seem to attract the interest of psychopaths and sociopaths.

    On this forum, Ratface (Chuck Keyser) has taken a keen interest by starting a screed of new threads purporting to refute my New Calculus. The comments by Keyser are so ridiculous and absurd, that anyone can see immediately he can't be taken seriously.

    Keyser is a washed out 80+ year old failure with no accomplishments in his career or personal life. He has nothing better to do than to frequent forums and post his absurd theories on relativity. His theories are so pathetic, that they are laughable.

    This comment is a complete rebuttal of all the lies and ignorance being posted by Chuck Keyser.

    Watch Keyser dig himself way over his head.

    Keyser making a fool of himself:

    Pangalang lang pangalang langa lang lang.

    Watch mathnerd struggling with basic algebraic concepts.

    Keyser also has a FaceBook page that is very informative.

    Posting a portrait of oneself reveals certain characteristics about the individual which are not usually understood by everyone. Why would a puckered old fool post a portrait of himself that was made decades ago?

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    The more I publish the truth, the more society hates me.
    There is no sympathy for those who expose deeply flawed mainstream ideas.

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    Default Re: Psychopath Chuck Keyser

    John Gabriel can (almost) calculate the slope of a straight line...
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