It occurs to me that some of my content in what I said in the AGW thread should be moved to here.

Now is it ad hominem to attack the act of lying? Probably, but I am ok with it. I dislike lying and dishonesty.
In order to present the details and data you present, you must be aware of the data that refutes it or contradicts it. You actively cherry-pick what to present while shoving what would cast doubt on your data under the rug.
That is called "Intellectual Dishonesty" or Lying.
Such dishonesty must be challenged and while I am sure you won't like it, I repeat: Too Bad.

Now, all of this follows from your attacks on Obama, you claiming that the vast majority of Climate Scientists are Scamming us all as charlatans about AGW, your claims of a Conspiracy, so on and so on. You call that Scientific Dialogue? You fail to see the fallacies, there? Your presentations plead from emotion, are heavily biased and contain misleading cherry-picked data. You strongly make use of Projection. If anyone refutes your claims, you want to claim they are breaking the rules and being unfair.