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If we did not fear death we would be a lot more free. (and no gun pointing would ever get us into the cattle trucks)

And finally, my point in responding to your latest post here - I don't think I did (or ever did) any name-calling.
I respond to the post because I disagree with what you say - doesn't mean I don't enjoy the conversation.

Our differences may not be because of political ideology or socio/political understanding.
I am descended from the Scotsmen who were left after all the troublesome ones had been sent to America and Australia - so I may be genetically more socially compliant and co-operative.
Perhaps you are descended from the individualistic, rebellious and adventurous who came to America in search of freedom.
Perhaps we only rationalise our genetically determined beliefs.
Now, you're talking my language, and yes, your view of compliance fits with my world view of the slightly more brash explorers vs the slightly more content home-stayers.

What you say may very well be true. However, I've all the time in the world these days (cough, hack, er, minutes between finishing grad school assignments) to leisurely discuss the differences. Studying both populations post-WWI and WWII, I find a sizeable percentage of Scotsmen and men of the UK simply died in battle, as did many Americans during the Civil War. Comparable numbers, in fact. I haven't fielded all the details, so I can't say one way or the other. I do recall reading reports by others indicating the effect was significant on the surviving populations.

In fact, at one point I formulated a world-view commensurate with that of the animal kingdom that mankind's atrocities against man merely emulates...

One of these days, mankind will either figure it out or plunged ourselves asunder. My efforts are focused on preventing the latter.