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Thread: Can terrorism be stopped?

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    Default Can terrorism be stopped?

    After the attacks in Paris and elsewhere ... and all of the rhetoric from US politicians, I was wondering is it even possible to stop terrorism? If so what would be the most effective approach?

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    Default Re: Can terrorism be stopped?

    We're not at war with an ideology. Ideology is just a wrapper. We're at war with men not a wrapper. The men are thugs and criminals. They were thugs and criminals before joining this phony "jihad". Just like the NAZI thugs. We won that war and germany and japan became good citizens. This "war" is just a new form of organized crime. It's military evasion methodology is based on the twitter fad of flash mob which became flash riot and looting. They got away with that. This tactic is flash war. Same method of evasion. But the "ideology" is based on the same method as crack dealing in the streets. Crack dealers terroroze a neighborhood so the people don't rat. To the outsider it looks like everybody in the neighborhood agrees that the dealers should be allowed to do their thing. Nobody wants thugs, thieves, murders, and corrupt cops, impoverishing their homes. But they're afraid to go against it because of retaliation. To win we have to make the people know that the strings of power to retaliate have been cut. In WWII we killed armed resistance and outlawed any speech and organization that was NAZI or facist. Now we got ISIS, a multi billion dollar oil mogul organized criminal empire. It's a war and we should expect that we'll get our hair mussed. So we the people better know who we're fighting and who we're not. How to fight them and how not to. That's the only way to win. Or other corrupt "leaders" are going to handle it so they get their cut and we're going to be stuck with the bill. And a war that lasts for ever.
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