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Thread: I need a job

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    Default I need a job

    Does anyone know anyone that is hiring?

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    Default Re: I need a job

    Did your college offer any job placement post graduation? The problem with those is that they often use the "Job Placement" guarantee as a hook for catching tuition, but it is often hokus pokus.
    For example, if a person graduates with a degree in biology, can't find a job and finally takes a job as a waitress, the college claims their student was placed in a job in their field; since, you know, mastication of organic materials is certainly biology.

    I really wish I could help out but all I can think of is things like

    But I can tell you something that you MAY consider of interest even though it has nothing to do with what you graduated in:

    The U.S. Post Office has been hiring like crazy. See, the Union Protected sourcing brought in a lot of people that stayed til retirement and now that huge crowd is hitting retirement age. With the increase in package shipping from Amazon and eBay, the USPS is busy, and undermanned. It pays well especially if you start on as a city carrier, but you need to be in good shape. Great benefits. It's a job that most that join even temporarily turn it into a career. You do need to be motivated.
    I'd recommend Rural Carrier if you can get it. It isn't laughable, it's a really good job.
    Although I am sure some forum members (cough) would make a snarky comment, you'll be laughing your way to the bank.
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