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Thread: Aquatic Humans?

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    Default Re: Aquatic Humans?

    Quote Originally Posted by David M W View Post
    This can also sometimes have the effect of making a person narrow minded. It can influence their ability to open their minds to possibilities that they would normally deem totally impossible.
    I strongly disagree. Most of my ideas come from what I've learned, not what I don't know. Furthermore, ideas without any rational merit are mere wasters of time and money. Trouble is, how are you going to know unless you're properly
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    Default Re: Aquatic Humans?

    Quote Originally Posted by Roadrunner View Post
    I have heard that there is a separate branch of humanity which, much like Aquaman, lives beneath the waves.
    I have SEEN video clips of such creatures and find the evidence for them, quite credible.
    I've seen these pictures and videos but none of is real I've made some of them in Photoshop, it may be possible in the next billion years but i doubt humans will be on Earth long enough for such changes to take place.

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