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then the expansion effect increases over distance. Why would it do that?
Because the effect is cumulative.
Expansion does not occur in a gravity well. So right here in the Milky Way Galaxy, we do not observe space expanding. The effect is simply overwhelmed by gravity.
But in the areas between galaxies, space expands.
As these areas expand, they "add" against each other the further outward from our point of view that you go.

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What force is causing that? I hope that is a right question or two.
No one knows. It is termed "Dark Energy," because it is a hypothesis. But no one knows the cause.

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What is space time made of?
It is not made of energy. But what it is made of? Also unknown. It's tiny, whatever it is. Smaller than Quarks. We can deduce that it is "something" and not "nothing." But we are not yet technologically advanced enough to measure at that scale.
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To me, magnetism being space time seems possible and has too many similarities to dark energy to ignore. Of course, I know next to nothing of each, only what I have heard. I am also guessing that magnetism is energy faster than light and that is why we can’t see it or measure it, only its effects.
Perhaps, but a more common view is that Spacetime has certain properties. One of these properties of it is that it limits what is within it, such as limiting EM radiation to "c" or below. One might surmise that if you could take a beam of light outside of the Universe, it would travel at infinite velocity. But within the universe, it is limited to "c." If you push against it, it will push back. This is why a rocket can propell itself forward. It also is a limiter, but not limited. While spacetime imposes limits on what is in it, it is not limited by those same limitations.
We can make pretty precise measurements of Magnetism and have many working theories and models about it. But as to what spacetime is? For now, it must be a mystery that we are intent to solve.

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Is it possible that the material that makes magnetism is not actually making the energy, but opening a window to a part of the universe we do not see? And that is how it rebalances itself?
Well, nothing is making magnetism. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can change form.
A simple example is taking the potential energy in a piece of wood and setting the wood on fire to change the form of the energy into heat. Or... bending the stick of wood to transform that potential energy into the form of kinetic energy.
Magnetism is a form of fundamental energy in the universe. These may be the basis of energy itself, since electricity, Electromagnetic radiation, the strong and weak nuclear forces and magnetism are all interrelated.
Is it possible that it transfers through an under-layer of spacetime that we cannot see? Sure, certainly. But we do not know that currently. As it is, things like virtual particles popping in and out of existence are a bit of a mystery. Along with some others discussed recently. For all our iPods, it feels like we are living in an uninformed age, at times.
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I hope nobody told you this was going to be easy.
I certainly hope not.