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Thread: Are there energies imparted on space-time during and after matter passes through it?

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    Default Are there energies imparted on space-time during and after matter passes through it?

    Is there an energy associated with space-time, when matter and gravity interact with it?

    When a celestial object or "normal matter" passes through space, gravity and matter interact with the "fabric of space-time" (for lack of a better term). We've all seen the animations of how gravity holds the planets in orbit by warping space-time.

    Is there an equation that could express/record the energies of that warp, with space-time as the main constituent?

    If Dark Energy is a property of space, would it have to be included in the equation? Would Galactic Nuclei?

    If within a galaxy, these energies were calculated for all it's matter, as it traversed through time, displacing space along it's way, would the amount of energy bound up in these interactions be significant enough to account for the missing matter holding galaxies together? (sense energy and matter are equivalent).

    It would seem that entire swaths of space-time have been warped, bent etc... throughout the age of the universe. At any given time there would be massive amounts of this warping going on throughout the universe and within galaxies. This seems like a lot of energy to be accounted for.
    If there is none, then that must be the responsibility-of the galactic black holes, to take up the slack of space-time that matter distorts as it traverses the galaxy and keep it smooth and with tension.

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    Default Re: Are there energies imparted on space-time during and after matter passes through

    Well... I think we all know where you are going with this question.
    And it's a really good question.
    As it stands at this time, it is unknown why mass causes spacetime to warp around it.
    There are no theories nor models to explain that particular behavior that have any real standing.
    If we did, we would finally have a working Theory of Gravity and may be able to Unify Relativity with the Standard Model.
    As before, your particular wording in your approach is novel.

    But one thing that is clear is that energy is not the term for the interaction between matter and spacetime. While we know quite a bit about matter and its properties, we know very little about the properties of spacetime itself. Other than that what little we do know is that it is very unusual compared to anything we know.
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    Default Re: Are there energies imparted on space-time during and after matter passes through

    I am not sure how it would play into your question, but gravitational waves expel energy/mass from their source.

    From my understanding, which may be wrong, a gravitational wave is the oscilation of a gravitational field. This can be caused through binary neutron star systems where their polarity in terms of positioning will change as they revolve around each other. Space time warping will oscillate along with the rotation of the system. I dont fully undestand the math behind it but these waves carry away energy from the system, I believe slowing the rotation of the system, which reduces the overall energy.

    Who knows if my understanding is correct but if you poke around with gravitational waves, it may help you with parts of your question.


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