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    The Relativistic Unit Circle

    The Law of the Excluded Muddle

    Let be the consciousness creation rate since the time I was born, and be the time lapsed between that time and the ("conditional"?) present "now". Then the total consciousness I now have at present. (I am writing this post in my own private language = a la Wittgenstein).

    Let be the consciousness creation rate of figments of my imagination who are trying to convince me they exist (or at least have a private language), and be the rate of their conscious growth.

    (these two can then be related in the independent vector space () by the Relativistic Unit Circle, where the Big Bang was the event that occurred just before the gleam in my father's eye faded....

    The conclusions from the Relativistic Unit Circle then follow....

    (It will be difficult for others on the internet to convince me they actually exist.... (the "wow" of physics)
    (Or even out of sight, come to think of it...)
    (Or even in sight, if I can dodge the punches .. (the "Ow" of physics)

    So "[" is a statement of existence; if , nothing exists, not even me.

    But if it does, then I am the One. (I think, anyway.. there may be some doubt...

    "When you achieve the All-Encompassing Mellow California Surfing Wow, you'll never blow your Buddhist Cool".

    Now go drink your beer and eat your pizza (and don't bother me any more ....

    (Goedel's proof actually follows from this as well, but requires a few more pages to convince wannabe mathematicians who think there is only one number line (and thus ignore and , not to mention natural logarithms, where ... and, of course, are figments of my imagination. So it is kind of like talking to myself... Nevertheless, I'm crunching the numbers....

    "I think, therefore I am" - (A figment of my imagination who is called Descartes by other figments of my imagination). But do you, and therefore are you?

    Just because I'm schizophrenic doesn't mean everything isn't a figment of my imagination.

    (Wittgenstein's comment in the "Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics" about integers off in the distance on a single number line starting to shimmer.... Kind of like stars twinkling locally , or red-shifting globally as variations on the zero point energy in the parking lot at night.)

    (Just appended this to my post to several interested graduate departments.. well, one, anyway.. at UCSB ...
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